Paroxysm of Light

open the levy. unleash the storm. stare into the void

W E A R E N O U T O U R B O D I E S emits energy from Yonkers, NY, casting light through the shadows of Dark City. Their latest release S E A S O N S O F M Y S L F, explores themes of great loss, physical exhaustion, and 
mental fortitude. Encouraging listeners to contemplate their reactions to life's common and devastating obstacles. 

The group began playing in the underground NY punk scene and quickly released the self-produced HEAVY GROUND EP. Complicated times arose immediately afterwards, and without any support shows the band went on hiatus for several years. Having addressed all of life's complications outside of the band, BODIES also faced a turbulent reformation. 
Starting with the original line-up, there were several role changes before finalizing the aptly titled second effort 'SEASONS OF MYSELF EP'. Playing to every emotion in the room, each song scrutinizes the human experience and strains to find beauty in every moment of the void. 

Impacted by the COVID_19 pandemic, BODIES is currently evaluating how to keep their tribe healthy while still sharing their passion with the world. Sign up to the mailer to stay up to date and keep our lines of communication open.